Who We Are

The agency is run by Suzanne Cambridge whose background is in Film.  TV, Professional Pantomime, Modelling , Theatre and Radio.


Suzanne trained at the Arts Educational Stage School London and has earned an impressive amount of qualifications and certificates. 


The Agency's  job is to put our clients forward for work within the industry of the Performing Arts, and all types of modelling.


We welcome onto our books, everybody of all ages,  shapes, sizes and abilities, genders and ethnicities. Even your special Pets. 

The agency have jobs  coming through every day in the form of modelling, TV commercials, TV series, soaps, period dramas, stage plays, theatre companies, short films, feature films, Disney, cruise ships, cabaret, pantomimes, supporting artists (extras) voice over work and much more.

Theater Marquee Lights

Building your portfolio


All photographs need to be updated as follows

  • Babies up to one year old, every 3 months 

  • Toddlers up to 2 years, every 6 months 

  • Children 2-4 years, every 9 months 

  • All other clients, every 12 months


Beautiful old theatre

Our clients

All portfolios for existing clients are available for viewing here

Film Set


To start the no obligation application  process, please complete our application form today.

Image by Aditya Ali