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White - North European




65 - 75

south England



17 years dancing blues and monden jive.
I Teach Blues, smooth jive. And modern jive Dancing,
I run my own dance nights and have been teaching trampoline and gymnastics. For 40 years
Have work on set in the 70s doing specialist stunt work.
I have part time work at the moment but can get some time off.




photo Shoot : Add campaign foe Hiscolumn men's clothing
Being a photographic model : Has Santa
Director; Danny ; advert / photo shoot JavaHub, COFFEE : man of many parts
Channel 4 naked attraction : cant say any more till it come out
Cartoon character : Green Screen work Not allowed to say the name of the character as it doesn't come out until beginning of next year
Mal Mal and ME playing the part of a father and daughter scientist : father and daughter scientist
Director Dana Ben The Rough Gig : Film ; A speaking roll as the Pub Landlord ,
Vauxhall Car advert : Man at good friends wedding
SANTA for EuroTunnel,Daved Willson Homes,DSFA works party nights , : private homes and lots more
Diet Coke Advert : a walking outside shop and in car in car-park
TV Advert for Schweppes : I was John McCririck
(LITTLE MADURAI) Bollywood film : man In the crowd. slick
Director; Diego Contreras : BP Xmas Advert walk by TT
short film THE TRAIN CATCHING CHAMPIONSHIPS. : I was a passenger
Director; Andy Daly Music Video : A was in choir.
Director; James Lucas : SHORT FILM Paint The Dragons' Eyes I WAS A WEDDING GUEST
Director: Henry Smith this was my 2nd : BIG HEATH music video i was the doctor and acting and speaking
Sweet shop films : Pandora Xmas Advert a passenger at airport.
Director.Kaitlyn Boxall : Grandad as a funeral scene
Stand in for a ITV game show
Director Kabir Khan Film 83' : I am the nine-day continuity support artist on the film 83 I played an elite gentleman in the pavilion
Director; Daniel Lopez The Hook : Antiques Roadshow Parody i play old man at the Evaluation
Channel 4 Lodgers and Old Codgers filming : i was a landlord
Britain's got talent : A sketch with Gonzo for ITV link https://www.facebook.com/michael.townsend.5209
Director: Jamie Clarke; : A speaking role i was a priest and i was poisoned then died on set https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21ALtIKx5CTDcCvTk&cid=C998893D9BABC661&id=C998893D9BABC661%21119&parId=C998893D9BABC661%21118&o=OneUp
Director: Riyad Barmania : Ashens and the Polybius Hiest 2 , i was a scientist
Director; Ste Hinde ,Artis Big Heath : Acting and speaking role on a short film i was the old man in a home
Director; Mollie Firman short film : "Daisy," A man at the funeral scene
Director Peter L : Vicar in documentary about a young girl on Guernsey who had healing powers
Director; Sara Jaffery. : 'The Purple Rose of Cairo' man in cinema
Director: Ethan Barrett (PKA CRUSH ) : Prison Guard in a fight seen falling on to crash mat Great fun
Director Daniel : Feature film silent Night guest at a Christmas party
Legal and general TV commercial : In the background in the kitc